What’s not to love in this?!

We provide year-round (integrated) property management, by taking care of both the interior and exterior of your residence. Through thorough and constant supervision we are able to minimize the risk of possible damage related to non-use of your property, and in case of emergency, we notify you at once.  (E.g. severe weather conditions in the region threatening the functionality of your property).

  • Indoors activities

Depending on the location of your property, your needs at that time and the service package you have selected, we will visit your house at regular intervals, (e.g. on a weekly or monthly basis) to ensure the smooth operation of your property in line with your requirements, by organizing all these things that need to be done during your absence, such as ventilating your property to avoid potential internal humidity etc.

  • Outdoors activities

Depending on the size and the planting design type of the exterior of the exterior, property upkeep will be adjusted accordingly, so that you will find it in the finest condition upon your arrival. Likewise, the state of your swimming pool (if any) will be regularly checked and maintained. We will also ensure the technical inspection of all building operations, averting possible damage and higher repair costs for you.

  • Supplementary activities

Along with house management during your absence, we provide relevant services to relieve you of any concern. On your behalf, we, 3HServices, pay utility bills and complete other transactions related to your vacation / secondary property. As an owner, you also enjoy accounting or legal services for issues that may arise. In this light, you do not have to look by yourself for solutions to your problems, but to rely exclusively on your trusted partner, 3H Services. Assistance also includes, but is not limited to, recurrent services, such as roof insulation, door and window maintenance, house painting, household appliances service.